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Stick one Curl one

Inside the dome.

The finished piece.

A handmade gift box featuring the Winter Olympic mascot.

A British one pence piece for scale.

The curling ring.

The main base to support the model.

Olympic logo and Curling logo.

The model mid-assembly.

Very small - and fiddly text!

The (almost) completed skirt for the base - I added another logo to this once it was glued to the base.

Busy the past few months creating artwork and having recently staged an exhibition with two other artist friends this new blog post has been a long time coming.

Inspired by the Winter Olympics earlier this year and by a good friends enthusiasm for the games and in particular the women's Curling event I felt that this would be an ideal subject for a new Nutella jar model. It's been a about a year since I'd last created a paper piece on this scale in one of the glass domes and I was motivated to produce something new. I decided soon after starting this piece that I would offer this as a gift to my friend who got me thinking about the idea to begin with.

As is par for the course when making something this size it took many hours to take it from a concept item to a finished work. These jar models take at least 20 hours, from drawing out the sketches to paper templates and then cutting and sticking all the intricate parts. I have to take into consideration the limitations and specifics of the jars themselves and how all the individual pieces will work together within the space and as a pleasing composition.

After having spent several weeks dividing my time to focus on all the elements needed, from the model itself to the gift box I felt happy that my creation was ready and that having it as part of the centrepiece of the upcoming exhibition would hopefully be an ideal time to unveil it and present it to my friend.

The event itself, staged over a week was a success and just as importantly the friend for whom I had made it for genuinely seemed to be very pleased with his

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