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New Year Nectar

It is something of a ritual for me to decide at the beginning of a new year and in this case, a new decade that my website needs updating and that this will kick-start the beckoning year into becoming 'the year'. The year when I finally achieve huge 'success' with my art work and finally say goodbye to real life(!) I've never actually specified to even myself what the details of this 'success' are but I know that I haven't ever come close to achieving it, yet. I've come this far in my life with the hunger still intact, having managed to dodge for the most part any of the usual trappings that adults encounter or enter into - not necessarily all through choice - so I'm just about still confident that it will all be worth it one day.

That said I have updated the site, I've refreshed it to keep it simple and easy to maintain, which should help me stay on top of it. There's not tonnes of art or information here, just a taste of what I do. There's plenty more on my social media pages should you be inclined.

I chose to produce this illustration of a hummingbird at the end of December as they are considered symbols of good luck and of love and happiness coming your way. Holding that thought in mind, I wish all my DailyDale followers/site visitors a very happy 2020!

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