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Specialising in works created with paper and card, my style has a mix of influences from modern popular culture, toys of the 80s, nature, wildlife and alternative humour. Much of my personal output expresses the positive traits of my personality.


As a keen artist from a very young age I am almost entirely self-taught. I studied art in Somerset and am ever evolving and developing my work to exhibit in galleries and other venues throughout the local area.

I started focusing on paper and card about seven years ago producing a range of illustrations and models in a stylised and contemporary manner influenced by graphic design. The fiddly nature and broad scope of working in paper and card is very involving and satisfying.

My work is not limited to paper work, I am confident in graphic design work and vector drawings, physical abstract pieces, detailed and more expressive drawing and I am conversant in most types of paint. Growing up I loved all aspects of art and didn't stick to one particular style I just wanted to create. That is still true to this day and I continue to follow my dream.