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Cardinal Virtues

Cardinal birds in love paper A3 illustration.

Cardinal birds paper illustration, various paper parts in construction.

Paper plants detail

Cardinal birds paper illustration foliage detail

Cardinal birds paper illustration foliage detail

Paper Glorious beetle detail

Paper flower detail

Cardinal birds detail

This A3 paper illustration of a pair of Cardinal birds was originally conceived as a greetings card design to coincide with Valentines Day. However as I progressed with the piece I decided to abandon limiting it to just a commercial item for a once a year occasion and instead build it up into a more complete image that could possibly be part of an exhibition later in the year. cardinals are North American birds so I included a Glorious beetle from the same part of the world too. This mixed things up so that I had both smaller detailed paper cuts with the broader elements that fill up other areas. The size is A£ and I could still produce greetings cards from a detail if I so choose. At this time of posting I envisage this to be part of a set of three bird based works, all A3 in size.

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