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Mother Hen's Day

I made this 2" x 3" paper illustration for my mum, which I gave to her today. It would have been perfect as a greeting card image but instead I chose to frame it and keep the image flat (no fold for a back piece). I'm pleased with it and I'm glad my mum liked it too. The choice of colours work well, giving it a spring feel and I'm happy having kept the balance of detail and simpler elements. With the image being so small I didn't want to overload it with too many intricate cuttings that could detract from the main focus - the chicken and chicks.

On a side note I'm really not impressed with my scanner. I purchased it after my previous scanner (a Canon) finally died the death after years of service, at the end of last year. My new model is also a Canon, a CanoScan Lide 220, The image quality is quite poor leaving a lot of the detail quite muted/fuzzy, something that my previous Canon could handle well. I'm not sure I want to splash out again so soon on another one, especially as I don't use it that often but it is a valuable item to own to promote my work, rather than having to take photos all the time which aren't up to the standard needed if I want to have prints made up. Clucking thing! :)

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