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Spring Roll

So ,after many hours and weeks I have finally finished everything I wanted to create for the robin paper model. The model itself is complete and I've made a short video montage of photos and uploaded it to YouTube. I've also recorded short track to act as a background to the piece and also to showcase the work I do (art and music). I'm pleased with the results, I've purposefully not rushed myself (an easy thing to do!) to make sure that the final finished product is something that I can be happy and proud of. The title 'Spring Roll' may seem a bit late now but it seemed apt whilst in the middle of cutting and sticking it all together and the final look feels more late spring to me than the summer we are now in.

At the present moment I have no immediate plans to exhibit it but it would be satisfying to have it located somewhere that people can get a good look at the intricacies and (ideally) appreciate the time and effort put in, the photos don't necessarily convey everything about it.

I am posting the video here and a selection of images that show the project in various stages of completion. I will post on social media later this week but I must admit I've still to be convinced to the efficacy of doing so!

The full music track can be found here:


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