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It's been a couple of years since I last had a website up showcasing my artwork! I hadn't been happy with the web host that I'd been using so decided to primarily use social media (which I'm the first to admit I've not been as active as I should have been with) to allow people to access my portfolio. Whereas in the past I had built my websites from scratch this time I have used Wix, it's made things straightforward and yes, of course, there are graphic elements to my site that I have designed but it's taken away much of the tedium I found doing everything myself.

It is my intention to keep the art on the homepage fresh and updated regularly and I aim to keep this blog going with notes as to what I'm currently working on, possible future projects and visual material.

I hope you enjoy viewing my creativity on this site and if you wish to follow me on Facebook it would be very much appreciated :)

Thanks for looking,


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